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Ductwork in homes is often overlooked during routine maintenance. As ductwork is usually hidden in basements, attics, or crawl spaces, many homeowners have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. However, inefficient or underperforming ductwork can have a direct effect on your home’s energy efficiency and related costs.

Improve Energy Performance and Comfort

Professional ductwork insulation is an effective and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and your comfort level. There are several ways to insulate your existing ductwork. Foil-faced blankets wrapped around the ducts can prevent air from escaping. Duct runs can also be insulated with spray foam. To determine which strategy is best for your home, have an energy audit performed.

Common Problems with Ductwork Efficiency

Homeowners may face a number of issues when it comes to cooling and heating their homes. Temperatures may fluctuate with some rooms being too hot or too cold. You may find that your HVAC system needs to run longer than usual to heat or cool to a comfortable temperature. Problems are often caused by one of the following issues:


  • Unbalanced airflow caused by poor location of registers, causing some rooms to get hotter or cooler than others.
  • Under-insulated ductwork due to inadequate or missing insulation.
  • Duct leakages that cause heated or conditioned air to escape the ductwork before it has a chance to reach certain rooms.
If you’re experiencing problems with your residential or industrial ductwork give us a call now. We’re happy to help!

Ductwork Solutions to Improve Your Home’s Comfort

If you’re experiencing problems in your home caused by an inadequate or poor performing ductwork system, you need professional HVAC services. Call today to learn more about our duct repair, sealing, and insulation services.

Compete Ductwork Repair, Sealing & Insulation

Behind the registers in your home is a complex system of ductwork. When a ductwork system experiences problems due to leakages or inefficiencies, you may experience higher than normal energy bills and uncomfortable hot or cold spots in your home. The good news is that ductwork systems can be repaired to optimize performance.

Our comprehensive ductwork repair, sealing, and insulation solutions include:

  • Ductwork testing for adequate air flow and leakages
  • Ductwork insulation in unconditioned spaces to improve efficiency
  • Ductwork sealing to eliminate duct leakage
  • Create ductwork balance by installing jumper ducts or transfer grills

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